Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Whole Payne Bit

"Back to Wando Passo quivers with authentic life and is so bold in concept and audacious in scope that it seems like the summing up and exclamation point of a great writer's career. The novel contains everything -- from the horror of 1860s rice culture slavery, to the perils of modern love, to the history of rock and roll . . . Payne takes on the whole known world and pulls it off with the deftness of a writer in his prime, enhancing a literary reputation that burns as brightly as any writer of his generation."
-- Pat Conroy

'Nough Said for me! This is an awesome book that you will not be able to put down, especially if you're a civil war buff! Payne takes the reader back to the civil war era while paralleling with a contemporary rock-n-roll family's lifestyle. As Ran discovers skeletons of the past, he begins to reveal the mystery of his wife's ancestors and continues the weaving of social issues such as racism, jealously, and revenge throughout the generations of the character's lives from 1860's to modern times.
A bit of history, ghosts, rock-n-roll, and a lot of suspense.

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