Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bookworm's Carnival

This is my first post for Bookworms Carnival so I'm not sure this is what I should be doing. This month's theme is Author's New To Me hosted by Darcie at Reading Derby. Being a school library media specialist, and being in the first month of school, the past weeks' reading has focused primarily on children's books. One of the best books, and our students love it, is The Mailbox by first time author, Audrey Shafer. Twelve-year-old Gabe Culligan finally gets a break, after years in different foster homes, when he gets to come live with his Uncle Vernon. Although, Uncle Vernon is a bit on the rough side, Gabe still feels good about this place. His Uncle Vernon has a prosthetic leg and is a bit on the rough side, but Gabe gets along really well with him. One day when Gabe comes home from school he finds his Uncle Vernon lying on the floor. Gabe is sure he’s dead! He kneels down by him and bravely, touches his leg - his artificial leg. Gabe knows he’s dead now, because the fan is off and Uncle Vernon always keeps the fan running. Gabe just isn’t ready to deal with it so he goes to school the next morning just like nothing has happened and tries hard not to think about it. When Gabe gets home from school, there’s a note in the mailbox. On one side it says, “I have a secret”. On the other side it says, “Do not be afraid”. A little confused, Gabe goes on into the house only to find his uncle’s body has disappeared. Mmmmm... This story is one that will keep you turning pages. A “can’t put it down” novel!

Another newbie for me are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid novels by Jeff Kinney. I can't keep these books in and Jeff Kinney can't write fast enough for our kids. What is the story? It's about a middle schooler, Greg Heffley, who keeps a year long journal, which is totally hilarious and so dramatic, just as the lives of all adolescents! His mother makes him keep a diary and in it he tells about each day’s events, along with his comical illustrations. Greg’s character is typical of lots of middle school kids, thus it's popularity among 5th and 6th graders. Greg isn't your best student, he's not the worse one either, but he wants more than anyting to be popular! So desperate, even at the expense of others, he seizes his opportunities. This book appeals especially to your "not so eager readers" and has them eagerly awaiting Greg’s further adventures in Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules.

Two new authors for kids - great successes and highly entertaining.

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