Friday, September 19, 2008

Reader's Paradise

I lie on my bed to read, I go to the parlor to read then take a walk on the beach, I sit on the screened porch to read then take a walk on the beach, I sit on the front porch in a rocker or hammock to read and gaze, intermittingly out over the ocean. This absolutely the most perfect environment for reading and relaxation. To use my laptop, I have to come up to the room, as tv, phones, any electronic devices are not allowed in common areas here at the Sea View Inn on Pawley's Island. Their websites describes the atmosphere as "unspoiled." I am spoiled by technology so I do slip up to the room to post on my blog. But only for a short minute and a short post.

You are fed three fabulous meals, provided quiet time, ocean view and the most soothing breeze and all you have to do is bring your book or pillow and move from one area to the next. I could live here! Here is a quick laptop photo as I sit on my bed!

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Toni said...

Oh gosh...this really is a paradise... I could use a few days here to read and blog.. that is my kind of paradise! Toni